...to the Town of Tyre, a place of homes, fields, marshes, and geese. The community strives to maintain its rural flavor as the world passes by along the NYS Thruway. You are welcome to stop by and visit the Montezuma Refuge, the Barge Canal, or our restaurants and attractions.

This website will allow you to learn more about the present Tyre and its past. For residents and prospective residents we provide information Town of Tyre, NYabout the government, services and future plans. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts and suggestions.
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Upcoming Events
Below is an agenda of upcoming events in the Town of Tyre. To view a calendar version of the agenda visit the Events & Activities page.

Public Information Board



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing pursuant to Article 18-A of the
New York State General Municipal Law
, will be held by the Seneca County Industrial
Development Agency (the "Agency") on the 27th
day of September 2017 at 5:30 p.m.,
local time
, at Town of Tyre Municipal Building, 1695 State Route 318, Town of Tyre,
New York in connection with the follow
ing matters:

Indus 414, LLC, a limited liability company, for itself or on behalf of an entity to be
formed by it or on its behalf (the "Company") has submitted an application (the
"Application"), a copy of which is on file with the Agency, requesting the Agency's
assistance with respect to a certain project (the "Project") consisting of
: (i) the
acquisition by the Agency of a leasehold interest in a parcel of real property within the
Town of Tyre located at 1133 State Route 414 (the "Land")
, (ii) the construction on the
Land of a hotel, conference center and related amenities (collectively, the
, and (iii) the acquisition and installation by the Company in the
Improvements of certain items of equipment and other tangible personal property (the
"Equipment" and
, collectively with the Land, the Improvements, the "Facility").

The initial owner of the Facility will be the Company. The Agency will acquire a
leasehold interest in the Facility from the Company and lease the Facility back to the
Company. At the end of the lease term, the Agency will terminate its leasehold interest.
The Agency contemplates it will provide financial assistance to the Company in the form
of exemptions from sales and use taxes
, exemptions from mortgage recording taxes
and abatement of property taxes

A representative of the Agency will at the above-stated time and place hear and
accept written comments from all persons with views in favor of or opposed to either the
proposed financial assistance to the Company or the location or nature of the Facility. A
copy of the Application for Financial Assistance filed by the Company with the Agency is
available for public inspection at the offices of the Agency, One DiPronio Drive,
Waterloo, New York.

Dated: September 15, 2017


By: /sl Robert J. Aronson, Executive Director


Notice of Public Hearing 

Regarding The Subdivision Application by Indus 414 LLC

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, a public hearing will be held in the Town of Tyre (the “Town”) by the Tyre Planning Board at the Tyre Municipal Building, having an address at 1695 State Route 318, Waterloo, NY, 13165, on September 26, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. for the purpose of hearing public comments on the application by Indus 414 LLC to subdivide approximately 1.49 acres from the 84.9 acre property in the Town occupied by the del Lago Resort and Casino at 1133 Route 414, Tyre, New York (Tax Map No. 12-1-36), within the existing Lago Resort and Casino Planned Unit Development (“PUD”) District.  Indus 414 LLC intends to construct and operate a Hilton Garden Inn hotel on the subdivided parcel and has submitted an application for Site Plan approval for that development in the PUD District to the Tyre Town Board.  Those wishing to speak on the subject of the Indus 414 LLC Subdivision Application should attend the public hearing.

The Indus 414 LLC Subdivision Application, including the Final Subdivision Plat, is available for public review at the Tyre Municipal Building (address noted above).

By Order of the Tyre Planning Board

 Robert Seem, Chair


Notice is hereby given that the Town of Tyre Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing at 6:45PM or immediately after a Public Hearing scheduled at 6:30 PM, Tuesday, September 26, 2017, at the Tyre Town Municipal Building located at 1695 State Route 318, Waterloo, NY 13165 to review an application for Subdivision and State Environmental Quality Review.  The Town of Tyre has applied to subdivide a five (5) acre parcel from a larger parcel of land (Tax Account No. 13-1-12) on the west side of Gravel Road south of the NYS Thruway and owned by Stephen and Sharon Lawrence.  It is the intention of the Town of Tyre to build a municipal building on this site.  Under Town of Tyre Local Law #3 of 2015, Subdivision Regulation, a subdivision application and environmental review must be presented in a public hearing.  The application detail can be viewed during normal business hours at the Tyre Town Municipal Building.

Robert Seem, Chairman, Town of Tyre Planning Board



The town requested a Speed Study for the speed limit of the intersection of State Routes 414 and 318.  The Department of Transportation has replied with the following that was also copied to Senator Pamela A. Helming.

Speedy Study Request - Letter NYSDOT sent to Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services [pdf]


June Speed Study Response - Town of Tyre [pdf]

Speed Study Request - Town of Tyre [pdf]

Municipal Zoning Enforcement Officer

The Town of Tyre, an Equal Opportunity Employer, is now accepting applications for a Part-Time Zoning Enforcement Officer position.  All applications need to be submitted to the Town of Tyre Municipal Building, 1695 State Route 318, Waterloo NY 13165, Attention Town Supervisor.  Applications can be obtained by accessing the link below, or by requesting an application from Missy Jodeit, Administrator to the Supervisor, at the Tyre Municipal Building.

Application for Employment [pdf]

Job Description and Requirements:

The position entails working 20-25 hours per week.  Pay offered is commensurate with experience.  This position administers and enforces the municipal Zoning Laws for the Town of Tyre.  A detailed job specification is available upon request.  Minimum requirements include possession of a high school or high school equivalency diploma and any combination of skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities to discharge the duties of the position.

Please mail or email application to:  adminassistant@tyreny.com

Tyre Municipal Building open for business

Town Municipal Building
The Tyre Municipal Building, located at 1695 State Route 318, Waterloo, NY has opened.

Most town offices are located here and it will serve as the normal meeting location for the Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.

Regular Business Hours:
9:00 AM to 1:30 PM
Monday through Thursday

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Contact Numbers & E-mails

Main Number: 315.539.3690
  1. for the Court Clerk
  2. for the Supervisor
  3. for the Bookkeeper
  4. for the Zoning/Planning Office
Main Fax: 315.539.3693
Court Fax: 315.539.1037
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